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At mga we specialize in both Commercial and Residential Neighbourly Matters. The services we provide include producing initial reports (pre or post acquisition), which then transform into detailed management tools, to help run the projects. This type of management and reporting minimises delay and enables projects to move to site promptly

All reporting is designed to provide a full overview of all 3rd Party Issues. This includes Party Wall Matters, Scaffolding & Crane Licenses, Schedules of Condition (including M&E scheduling), Vibration Monitoring, Dust Contamination, etc.

Overall, we introduce a highly integrated and structured approach and set up clear, logical, and timely information paths. This enables us to identify possible issues, fulfil Statutory duties, whilst helping to reduce client costs.

Key Points

  • Early assessment and monitoring of 3rd party issues.
  • Party Wall Matters - Notices, Awards and all associated matters.
  • Phases Awards - Demolition, Foundation and Superstructure where necessary.
  • Crane and Scaffold Licenses.
  • Schedules of Condition including Underground Structures.
  • Scheduling of M&E equipment / Dust Contamination.
  • Vibration Monitoring.

mga offer a wide range of services on Party Wall and Neighbourly Matters as required, please contact us for further information.

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