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Rights Of Light
A right to light is usually acquired under the Prescription Act of 1832. The right is to a certain amount of light and not to all of the light that was once enjoyed. Infringement is likely to give the affected person the right to seek an injunction, or to have the proposed development reduced in size. If the loss of light is relatively small, financial compensation can be awarded instead of an injunction.

Key Points

Rights to Light Reports
We can provide pre-acquisition reports that ensure rights to light issues are considered and understood. Our overall aim is to provide practical solutions at the earliest stage.

Rights to Light Calculations
Specialist computer software is used to perform the calculations prior to analysis. An injury is generally deemed to have been caused if the room does not received sufficient illumination over a predetermined area of the floor.

Maximum building envelopes
We employ advanced computer modelling techniques that help define ‘maximum building envelopes’. These ‘envelopes’ assist Architects and designers in creating as much space as required, thus optimising development potential.

Light Obstruction Notices
These notices can prevent acquisition of rights, thus protecting future development possibilities. Timely preparation and issue of the notices are required to prevent rights from being acquired.

Click here to read an article in the Evening Standard about the £1BN fight for light in the city of London:

If you would like to discuss a Rights of Light issue please click here to contact us

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